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Are you interested in exciting lectures in the field of law and the Internet? Are you looking for a professional and entertaining speaker? The law firm Ostendorff gives lectures in the field of internet law, 3D printing and AI.

  1. 3D Printing, AI and Blockchain: Legal Challenges, Liability and Protection of Digital Goods

  2. Internet Law: Internet presence and liability issues, domain law, imprint and data protection, journalistic content and investigative journalism, online shops, terms and conditions and right of withdrawal

  3. Copyright: Reform of copyright, CC licenses, right to own image, databases, open data and open source, warning and file sharing

  4. Personal Rights: Personal Rights and Internet, Hate Speech and Discrimination, Deep Fakes, Digital Heritage

  5. Influencer Marketing: Legal issues for influencers, surreptitious advertising and labeling

  6. Founder series: Forms of formation, protection of ideas and know-how, data protection and imprint

  7. Cybersecurity & Cybercrime: identity and data theft, cybercrime prevention & compliance for businesses, cyberbullying, privacy

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Are you interested in a lecture or workshop? Come to us and learn all about duration, cost and location. Have a workshop offer sent to

The lectures and workshops will be held in German or English.

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